Turbo HAL-the Robot Instructions-MS-DOS version

In the CGS 1100, CGS 1555, and COP 1000 classes at HCC-Brandon Turbo HAL is used to accomplish many different objectives. In CGS 1100, students need to experience the MS-DOS environment. Most have never experienced the computer pre-windows days when everything had to be accessed through MS-DOS text screens. One of the objectives for CGS 1100 is to make a copy of a disk in both the windows and DOS environments and to create a directory in both environments.

Create a directory on the C: drive named: 'turbohal' (lowercase, please) (Use Windows or DOS to create the directory) (The DOS command would be C:\>md\turbohal then press enter). Download the HAL.EXE file, plus the sample programs located on the lower left bottom of the Turbo HAL home page. You download these files by click on the file and the popup box should ask you to save the files. Make certain you change the directory to C drive to turbohal to accept the files.

In the Start Menu-Programs Directory, find the MS Dos Selection and click to start:

to change the directory

Type ( or A: then enter to change the drive, then)
to access the directory

Type hal.exe
to start HAL

The HAL Title Screen appears:

Type any key then enter to drop down the file menu

Type enter to select an old file

Type enter to bring up all the existing .hal files
then use the arrow keys to highlight the P2711.hal
file and enter to select:

Use arrow key to highlight edit menu then type enter to bring up the edit menu after selecting the file:

Here is Totten's help screen for edit:

After typing CONTROL (Tim uses: ^ to indicate the control key) and K and D to completely save the program, then use the arrow key to highlight the Run menu and enter to bring up the run choices:

Mr Totten Wrote the following code to solve P2711B:

      Line 1    Col 1   Insert            A:P2711B.HAL


DEFINE-NEW-INSTRUCTION turnright AS BEGIN ITERATE 3 TIMES turnleft END; DEFINE-NEW-INSTRUCTION corner-right AS BEGIN turnright; move END; DEFINE-NEW-INSTRUCTION left-or-straight AS BEGIN IF front-is-blocked THEN turnleft ELSE move END; DEFINE-NEW-INSTRUCTION search-for-beeper AS BEGIN IF right-is-clear THEN corner-right ELSE left-or-straight END;


WHILE not-next-to-a-beeper DO search-for-beeper; turnoff



You can go back to the file menu, hit enter select World to generate a *.wol file:

Save the file--highlight quit--hit enter--then type exit to restore windows: