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For Professor John Taylor's CHM 2045C Students
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INSTRUCTIONS: You will be asked to write the FORMULA for 15 randomly seelcted ternary ionic compounds from a list of 75 whose names appear below. First, Enter your name and student E-Mail address above. Then press the 'Start Quiz' button to begin. The NAME of the compound will appear as an image. This is a homework worth 5 points when submitted with at all 15 correct. When you have completed the 15 items press the Submit Button at the bottom of the page. Record your scores on the Nomenclature Lab Grading Form and submit with your Module 4i Homework Packet
An email will be sent to Professor Taylor with a copy to you.
Formula of Ternary Ionic Compound Appears Here!

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Periodic Table from Siberberg Text
Question: Type the Formula of the Ternary Ionic Compound below:

Taylor's 3/4 -ate Polyatomic Ion Rule Taylor's Polyatomic Ion Charge Rule
Visual Polyatomic Ion Discovery of Formula associated with nonmetal's position on the Periodic Chart

Some Graphic Images courtsey of Prentice Hall Publisher's Corwin Chamistry text: