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INSTRUCTIONS: You will be asked to write the names of 30 Polyatomic Ions whose formulas appear below. First, Enter your name and student E-Mail address above. Then press the 'Start Quiz' button to begin. The formula of the Polyatomic Ion will appear as an image. This is a homework worth 10 points when submitted with at least 30 correct; 9.5 point for 28-29 correct; 9 points for 26-27 correct; 8 points for 24-25 correct; 7 points for 21-23 correct; and 5 points for 15-20 correct. When you have completed the 30 items press the Submit Button at the bottom of the page if the resuklts are not autpomatically submitted. An email will be sent to Professor Taylor and you will also receive a copy with your scores and all incorrect responses
Taylor's 3/4 Polyatomic Ion Algorithm

Formula of Polyatomic Ion Appears Here!

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Periodic Table from Siberberg Text
Question: Type the Name of the Polyatomic Ion below:

Taylor's 3/4 -ate Polyatomic Ion Rule Taylor's Polyatomic Ion Charge Rule
Visual Polyatomic Ion Discovery of Formula associated with nonmetal's position on the Periodic Chart

Some Graphic Images courtsey of Prentice Hall Publisher's Corwin Chamistry text: