Experiment #1 Safety Lab and Lab Orientation

CHM 2045 Students should read the first section in your laboratory manual on pages seven through 14: “Laboratory Safety and Work Instructions

Attach to the cover of your Laboratory Notebook one of the signed copies of the Safety Contract included in the course syllabus and the hard copies handed out in lab. Sign and date the contract. Also sign and date the contract hard copy (yellow) provided by the instructor after you have watched the ACS safety film on the first day in lab. Also sign the class combined safety contract circuited after the film.

a. On page 1 of your lab notebook you will begin the Safety Lab. At the top of the page place your name, section number and the date. Then, place the title for each of the following sections: (Note the order of the following is not important except start each section on a new page in your lab notebook.)

Safety Lab Part ___: (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

Then place a subheading: ACS Safety Film Notes:
As you watch the film, record notes or emphasized statements which will become a rough set of safety rules. Then neatly transfer these notes to your lab notebook for Part a. (10 points)

b. On a new page as a post lab report with the subheading: My 20 lab Safety Rules, list at least 20 or more lab safety rules from the three sources and the ACS film.


c. Next on a new page place a subheading: D204 Laboratory Sketch. Make a rough sketch of the room in your notebook. Label on the sketch the following: Safety shower, emergency eyewash, safety blanket, goggle/glasses cabinet, first aide kit, fume hoods, two major wash up sinks for hand washing and hardware equipment and any specific drawers identified by the instructor on the side cabinets. (5 points)


d. On the separate page of your lab notebook with the subheading: NFPA Safety Symbol. Sketch the NFPA symbol and then copy a more detailed or specific hazard for each NFPA numeric category from the Safety Codes handout. Explain what each number represents in each category. (5 points)



e. In your lab notebook on a separate page with the subheading HMIS Safety Symbol,  sketch the HMIS Labeling System and list the descriptions for each number for each category.(5 points)



f. In your lab notebook (at the bottom of the HMIS page ), state the purpose behind both systems and why they are different.


g. Using Chemical Data Bases on the Internet, copy on a new page in your lab notebook with the subheading: MSDS Compound Information,   the data sheet from the MSDS Assignment handout and fill in the form for the chemical assigned and submit this page by the third lab period.(5 points)


h. Attach to the post lab report a copy of page 12 (or a handout from your instructor) from your lab manual: “Basic Instructions for Laboratory Work”. Sign and Date

i. Read in the Appendix: The Laboratory Notebook pages 207-211



(Instructor’s note: Safety Lab will be the longest report in this course as it requires a lot of copying of information you may need during a lab and/or handling chemicals. Most reports are usually only one, two or three pages in length depending on the calculations. Therefore the student may submit the lab report before the third lab class rather than the second.)