Summer Term 2013 CHM 2045C Lab Procedures:

1.    Each student must have the required Laboratory Manual and Laboratory Notebook prior to the second scheduled lab class. Instructions on using a laboratory notebook will be provided in the Safety lab handout packet.

2.    During the first scheduled lab class in D-204, the following will be covered

a.    Students will sign the master laboratory attendance form and this form will be given to Dr. Julie Sutton, North Campus Lab Manager

b.    Students will sign and give the instructor one copy of the individual laboratory contract to verify attendance the first day of schedule lab and keep a second copy to tape to back cover of the student laboratory notebook.

c.    Show the ACS Laboratory Safety film. Students will take notes and copy these notes into the laboratory notebook on page 1 before the second meeting on the lab class. An Outline of the film may be provided to aid the note taking.

d.    Student will synthesize a set of FSCJ-North chemistry lab rules (at least 20) from three sources (Lab manual, and other colleges) and safety film into their laboratory notebook.

e.      Next on a new page place a subheading: D204 Laboratory Sketch. Make a rough sketch of the room in your notebook. Label on the sketch the following: Safety shower, emergency eyewash, safety blanket, goggle/glasses cabinet, first aide kit, fume hoods, two major wash up sinks for hand washing and hardware equipment and any specific drawers identified by the instructor on the side cabinets.

f.     Students will sketch the HMIS Labeling System and list the descriptions for each number for each category in their laboratory notebook

g.    Students will Sketch the NFPA symbol and then copy a more detailed or specific hazard for each NFPA numeric category from the Safety Codes handout. Explain what each number represents in each category in their laboratory notebook.

h.    Using Chemical Date Bases on the Internet, the student will copy on a new page in their notebook the data sheet from the MSDS Assignment handout and fill in the form for the chemical assigned and submit this page by the second lab period.

i.      Attach to the post lab report a copy of page 12 (or a handout from your instructor) from your lab manual: “Basic Instructions for Laboratory Work”. Sign and Date

j.        Read in the Appendix: The Laboratory Notebook pages 207-21. E will use the format: Title; Goals and Objectives; Procedures;  Raw Date/Data Table; Results/Calculations and/or Conclusions.


3.    There is no makeup for missing a scheduled lab (unless the student can show registration into the course after the first lab meeting). There are three CHM 2045C labs Summer Term 2013. Makeup can be done in either of the two scheduled labs during the week of absence. (Monday 11:30-2:45; Thursday 8:00-11:15; and Thursday 6:00-9:15 pm, but you must have your instructor’s permission.


4.    Students receive an automatic zero for not attending and completing the scheduled lab (except the first lab on safety) or if they have not prepared the proper prelab assignment.


5.    All students will prepare as directed by a policy handout the first week of lab, a prelab report. This prelab report must have the following sections:

          a. Goals/Objectives

          b. Procedures


          c. The Lab data sheets or Report Sheets must be copied into the lab notebook before for the
             scheduled lab. Then the copy from the lab notebook will be submitted at the end of the lab.


     6. No data may be written on the data tear out pages in the lab manual during the lab. All data must be recorded directly into the lab notebook with a ball point pen, pressing hard to make a clear copy underneath (do not forget to place the heavy periodic chart between the lab notebook pages).


7.    Neatness counts. Procedures that are not readable will be rejected by the lab instructor. During the first 15 minutes of lab, the student will turn in the copy of #5 Part A: Goals/Objectives and #5 B: Procedures. Each page should have the student’s name. Please staple all these pages together in order. Then sign the attendance sheet.


8.    Students not having a prepared prelab report in their lab notebook with be sent home by the instructor and receive a zero for that lab.


9.    During the first 15 minutes, the student will sign into lab by signing the Prelab attendance form and submit the prelab copies under the roll sheet. After the first week, the student will sign a second attendance roll and submit the post lab report from the previous week.


10. Students who do not have a lab manual will not be allowed to work in the lab and receive a zero for the scheduled lab (except the first week). (If the student has Xerox copies of the experiment from the lab manual, then the manual will not be required that week). If the student forgets her/his lab manual at home one week but has his/her lab notebook, the instructor may allow the student to work in lab that week.


11. The external lab doors may be shut 15 minutes after the lab begins. No student will be allowed to work in the lab if they arrive over 15/20 minutes late from the beginning of the actual experiment. If the check in rolls are not signed, the student will receive no credit for the lab that day (0/30). Summer 2013 Term has 3 hours and 15 minutes scheduled time in the lab. Only 2 hours and 30 minutes at the most will be needed for the experiment. Usually for the first 45 minutes, the instructor will lecture in D-204, unless we use a classroom such as D-207, D-211, or D212. If a student shows up late at D-204 and the class is not there, please look for us in one of the three rooms.


12. Students will work only in pairs, 12 setups. Students will be assigned to a work space by the third lab and by then will have selected a lab partner. Odd students will work alone if a partner doesn't show.


13. Student will copy the lab data directing into the lab manual data pages and submit the copies of each data page used in the lab notebook by signing a third roll sheet when they are leaving the lab. The time of checkout should also be noted. The student will submit before she/he leaves the copy of the lab data page from the notebook. During the next week the student will copy neatly from his/her data from the notebook on to the original data page from the lab manual. The original data page from the Lab manual will be the cover sheet(s) for the lab report and submitted during the first 15 minutes of the following week’s lab, unless the instructor request only the data page from the lab notebook for that week..


14. Your instructor may be modify any of the above instructions during the lab or in an email before or after the lab has been performed.


15. For the first absence from lab, unless complete during the week at one of the other scheduled 2045C lab periods, a student will be able to complete an outside the class assignment/project as directed by the faculty member to makeup the work missed.


16. For a second absence from the lab, the instructor may or may not allow the student a second makeup project. A third makeup is out of the question. However, student with perfect attendance in lab, will be allowed to do one of the optional makeup projects for bonus credit.