MSDS Laboratory Assignment 

(Please submit your form with this assignment Place numbers in label below.)


Student Name: _____________________________


Compound: ________________________________


Chemical Formula: _________________________


Appearance & Odor: ________________________


Boiling Point: _______    Melting Point: ________


Solubility in water: __________________________


Conditions to Avoid:_________________________



Materials to Avoid: __________________________



Using Chemical Date Bases on the next page fill in the above form in your Lab Notebook and submit by the second lab period.


MSDS Laboratory Assignment

List of Compounds and Elements


1.      calcium chloride

2.      sodium sulfate

3.      barium chloride

4.      hydrochloric acid

5.      sulfuric acid

6.      nitric acid

7.      naphthalene

8.      sucrose

9.      potassium chloride

10.  silver nitrate

11.  sodium nitrate

12.  ethanol (ethyl alcohol)

13.  nickel sulfate (nickel II or nickleous sulfate)

14.  copper sulfate (copper II  or cupric sulfate)

15.  magnesium sulfate

16.  iodine

17.  magnesium

18.  magnesium oxide

19.  2-propanol (isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol)

20.  sodium hydroxide

21.  ammonia or ammonium hydroxide

22.  aluminum chloride

23.  magnesium chloride

24.  boric acid

25.  phosphoric acid

26.  ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

27.  silicon dioxide (sand)

28.  camphor

29.  sodium bicarbonate

30.  sodium acetate

31.  methyl alcohol (methanol)

32.  formaldehyde (Methanal)

33.  Benzene

34.  acetic acid (Ethanoic acid)


Some chemical information sites to research your assigned chemical:

Oxford University:

Internet Resources for MSDS:

University of Akron Date Base:

Otherwise apply a web search for MSDS and find your chemical’s data on the web.

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